Sendiks Client - Shorewest Realtors / Lisa Pfaff



As a realtor I know the importance of branding, however, I’ve been a realtor for many years so just putting my name out there has very little if any value. I'm often contacted by various vendors for different marketing opportunities so when I was asked to put an advertisement in my local supermarket I truthfully didn't think it would be much different. What got my attention was the Sendik’s and Purell brands. Sendik’s is a premier, customer-focused grocer in the area that aligns well with my demographics and during these trying times, the sanitizing station is being used by everyone. 

Mediaworks has placed a custom designed digital Purell stand in a predominate area of the lobby of my local market. Mounted front and center on this stand was a large TV screen that played my “commercial” over 500 times per day. I was intrigued by this concept felt it would get noticed so I decided to give it a try. Throughout the year I am able to change my messaging, keeping it fresh and current. Not only can I market my name and brand but I am also able to feature photos of some of my listings which is a big selling point for my clients. When sold, Mediaworks design team makes it easy to switch them out. The entire Mediaworks team has been easy to work with and is very professional. The art department is quick and responsive in helping me with changes and updates to my ads. My salesman didn’t just sell me the spot and then disappear, he has remained in close contact with me throughout my contract year ensuring I am satisfied with the service and results.

I’ve renewed for a second year and as a top realtor I would say this program checks all the boxes for a visible, effective and successful program. 

Lunds & Byerly's Client - Verve Realty


Minneapolis, MN

The Mediaworks crew was a blast to work with, they made advertising simple and stress free. We had help step by step from design to finished product, and truly appreciated their diligence and professional approach. 

- Mitra (Verve Realty)

Brian and his team were great to work with from intro to final product. They kept the process simple and enjoyable. We’re looking forward to working with them long-term!

-Scott La Roc (Verve Realty)

Lunds & Byerly's Client - State Farm / Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson

Wayzata, MN 763-923-0533


Brian Swanson and Alex Henkel with Mediaworks have been amazing to work with. Professional organization top to bottom. I am very happy with the ad they created for me for our local Lunds & Byerly's, as well as the results I've seen in just a short time working with them. These guys are well worth your time!

Lunds & Byerly's Client - Standard Heating

Abby McDonald, Marketing Manager

Minneapolis, MN


Dear Potential Advertisers,

Mediaworks, and specifically President Brian Swanson, are great to work with. Quick response time, great follow up & the graphic designer executed the vision accurately. We have had great response from local customers that see our advertisement, specifically mentioning it when they call in! I would recommend trying this strategy out with Mediaworks.

Schnucks Client - Berkshire Hathaway / Celia Homsher

Celia Homsher
Realtor / Sales Associate ABE / SRES 314.795.9549

Dear Potential Advertisers,

I just wanted to pass along my personal and professional appreciation and great satisfaction in dealing with Cecil Jackson at Mediaworks, and the advertising crew at Mediaworks. Together they have put together a great presentation in the Schnucks grocery stores for me on the digital advertising signs, with action and movement if requested for the ad, and it is positioned near the cars where shoppers enter the stores. I have had this digital ad for about 6 months, and so far, have received numerous personal comments from people I know. So much of advertising is just getting my name out there, and being noticed or recognized, and I feel confident that this is one of the best advertising mediums to do this! I recommend using the action/ movement in the ads, because this really catches the shoppers’ attention, vs. a typical static ad. Best regards in future advertising with Mediaworks!

Sendik's Client - Fox Gentle Dentistry

Fox Gentle Dentistry

Dear Potential Advertisers,

My business is Fox Gentle Dentistry. We are located in the New Berlin Shopping Center. When we were contacted to participate in the Purell sanitizing stand we thought it was a good idea to align our business with both Purell and Sendiks.

The Salesman and the art department at Mediaworks were easy to work with and very professional.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate with this mutually beneficial program.

Giant Eagle Client - The Jane Jones Team / HER Realtors

The Jane Jones Team
Columbus, OH 614.273.7717

Dear Potential Advertisers,

Mediaworks’ professionalism and responsiveness have been top notch. Thanks to you, our branding has been highly visible, and we know it is making an impression on our clients, past and future. We will continue renewing our digital sanitizer wipes program for years to come.

Schnucks Client - State Farm / Kathy Kilo Peterson

Kathy Kilo Peterson
O’Fallon, Missouri 636.561.6460

Dear Potential Advertisers,

I have been using the SaniSign Digital screens inside Schnucks for over a year now. I value the opportunity to build my brand in the community using this cost-effective digital billboard program.

The ability to add motion to the ad, and change it when I need to, are both great benefits to the program. It is also good for my brand being a featured sponsor for the Purell sanitizer wipes to help keep hands and carts clean inside the store.

Mediaworks and my rep, Cecil Jackson, have always been great to work with. I would gladly recommend other realtors to partner with Mediaworks on their SaniSign Digital program.

SCHNUCKS Client - State Farm / James Carlton, Agent

James Carlton, Agent
Webster Groves, MO 314.961.4800

Dear Potential Advertisers,

I have been advertising with Mediaworks and Cecil Jackson for a number of years. They have put together a great digital placement of ads at local Schnucks through the area. I am constantly receiving
feedback from local shoppers that they see our ad. Keeps us top of mind.

PURELL / GOJO Industries

Gene Tullis,
VP Sales & Marketing, Retail B2B

Stephanie Payne
National Acct Director, Retail B2B

To whom it may concern:

Our relationship with Mediaworks began in the Spring of 2017. We saw their digital wipe program inside a supermarket and wanted to learn more about the product, program and company. At the time, PURELL was seek- ing a media company to partner with, as we knew how important it was to provide revenue or cost-savings to our retail partners. Upon learning more about Media- works and the

DigiWipes program, we formalized our partnership and secured them as our exclusive media partner.

Almost 3 years into our partnership, we are very pleased with the relationship we have formed with Mediaworks. They are very easy to work with and share the same company values as PURELL when it comes to providing the best possible service to our retail partners. Our program with them has allowed us to secure new retail partnerships, as well as provide existing retail partners are always actively looking to find ways to either save money or generate additional revenue to offset spends - our program with Mediaworks is an easy solution for that!

We plan to renew our partnership agreement with Mediaworks and are excited to continue to grow our program into 2020 and beyond. We have just scratched the surface when it comes to opportunities for expanding this program.

Stay Well.

Schnucks Markets Inc.

Ryan Sturch
Indirect Procurement Manager

December 2019

When Mediaworks presented Schnucks Markets Inc. with the DigiWipes wipe stand program in 2018, we welcomed the innovation this brought to our stores and the indus- try. Replacing our previous program, DigiWipes required no additional space while at the same time holding more wipes that our previous stands. This ensured availability of wipes to our customers and saved Schnucks product and labor costs.

We have been extremely pleased with the relationship with Mediaworks and the execution of the DigiWipes stand program. Brian Swanson and his team were excel- lent partners during the rollout and have continued their great customer service post rollout.

Schnucks would certainly recommend Mediaworks and their DigiWipes program to others looking for this same great customer service and innovation.

Coborns Inc. - St. Cloud, Minnesota

Andy Knoblauch
Vice President / Center Store Merchandising

Dennis Host
Vice President / Marketing

December 2019

Coborn’s Inc. has been partnered with Mediaworks on the DigiiWipes program since 2016. We have been very pleased with the relationship with Mediaworks and the execution of the digital wipe stand program. When they approached us with the program we realized our current wipe stands didn’t offer any added benefit to our stores besides holding wipes.

The DigiWipes program replaced our previous wipe stands, so it required no additional space within our stores. Not only does this program allow our marketing team to use the screens for promotional purposes, but the wipes hold up well inside the stand.

Our team and shoppers are happy with the program. Brian and his team are always responsive, quick to troubleshoot and/or answer questions and always follow through when called upon. Overall, we have been very pleased and would recommend partnering with Media- works on their DigiWipes program.

Cub Foods

July 15, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

Mediaworks has been a vendor partner with Radermacher Markets since 2016 with Purell DigiWipes stations installed at our Shakopee Cub and Jordan Fresh Market locations.  As one of the first locations to install we were pleased with the unit the Mediaworks team installed in our locations, a unit that took the place of our existing cart wipe station with the added advertising feature.  While this unit did not require more space its added advertising component allows us to communicate directly with our customers as they enter our store in a relevant and meaningful way.

These units would prove particularly valuable as Covid-19 entered our market as Mediaworks had a relationship with Purell that ensured we had an ample supply of disinfecting wipes available to our customers while the rest of the marketplace was struggling with supply. 

I would highly recommend Mediaworks and the DigiWipes program.  They provide great customer service and support for crafting meaningful messaging and advertising while providing our customers with an attractive fixture that dispenses a critical product.  


Paul Radermacher, CEO

Radermacher Markets, Inc.