SaniSign Foam™

SaniSign Foam Advertisement

SaniSign Foam,™ is a state-of-the-art sanitizer foam dispenser featuring a highly visible 33" billboard with your advertisement located front and center below the foam. Located in high traffic, high visible and high dwell time spots, your message is in front of thousands of people every month. Be a LOCAL HERO and sponsor a sanitizer foam kiosk near you!


  • Ad Specs: 33"H x 8"W
  • Sponsoring a sanitizer stand builds brand recognition
  • 78% of those surveyed say they prefer when a retailer offers sanitizer 
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Highly Visible Ad, Customer Contact

Sanitizer foam dispensers have NEVER been busier. Take advantage of this opportunity and invest your marketing dollars into something that matters. Sanitizing foam is a huge part of keeping you and others healthy and getting your business noticed. 

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Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

We put our kiosks into high traffic, high repeat locations where customers go over and over again. As a select sponsor of the sanitizer dispenser, your ad will be working for you with repeated visibility.

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Target YOUR Customer

Advertising doesn't matter if you're not putting your brand in front of the right people. By selecting the kiosk and distribution point that's right for your business, you'll be confident knowing the right people, in the right place, are seeing your ad.


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